Investigating Astronomy 3rd & 4th Editions

Investigating Astronomy - A Conceptual View of the Universe is a total astronomy teaching and learning package.  Based around the innovative textbook Investigating Astronomy written by Timothy F. Slater, Inge Heyer, and Stephanie J. Slater, cleverly illustrated by Alex Richard of DarkHorse DesignWorks, the complete Investigating Astronomy Toolkit includes a colorful printed textbook, an interactive Kindle e-book, a learning management website, and a frequently updated website including homework tasks and classroom-ready instructor resources.  This learning system leverages the latest results of cognitive sciences research on how students learn science.

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Links to 3ed and 4ed End-of-Chapter Homework Exercises

  • All Chapters Combined into single document (.doc, .txt, .pdf, .html)


  • Chp 1. Predicting the Motions of the Stars, Sun, and Moon (.doc or .pdf)
  • Chp 2. Decoding the Hidden Messages in Starlight (.doc or .pdf)
  • Chp 3. Analyzing Scales and Motions of the Universe (.doc or .pdf)
  • Chp 4. Exploring Our Evolving Solar System (.doc or .pdf)
  • Chp 5. Uncovering Earth’s Systems (.doc or .pdf)
  • Chp 6. Exploring Terrestrial Surface Processes and Atmospheres (.doc or .pdf)
  • Chp 7. Observing the Dynamic Giant Planets (.doc or .pdf)
  • Chp 8. Looking for Life beyond Earth (.doc or .pdf)
  • Chp 9. Probing the Dynamic Sun (.doc or .pdf)
  • Chp 10. Observing Properties of Distant Stars (.doc or .pdf)
  • Chp 11. Inferring Patterns in Star Life Cycles (.doc or .pdf)
  • Chp 12 . Predicting the Violent End of the Largest Stars (.doc or .pdf)
  • Chp 13. Exploring Our Galaxy (.doc or .pdf)
  • Chp 14. Investigating Other Galaxies (.doc or .pdf)
  • Chp 15. Observing the Evolution of the Universe (.doc or .pdf)