iDRONE International Drone Research & development ON Education Center

The  iDRONE international Drone Research & development ON Education Center is an international collaborative of master educators focused on improving STEAM education by leveraging the excitement of flying drones to foster students’ interest in STEAM-related careers. Coordinated by the CAPER Center for Astronomy & Physics Education Research, the iDRONE Center website serves as a clearinghouse for the drone education community to improve the quality and quantity of STEAM education by providing educators with access to curriculum materials, instructional resources, and training programs.

Our iDRONE resources include:

  • How to fly drones

  • What and where to buy drones

  • Computer-based training simulations

  • Classroom-ready curriculum & instruction materials

  • Extra-curricular and after-school drone student club resources

  • Teacher PD & Training Workshops

  • Conference information

  • Certification programs

  • iDRONE newsletters

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iDRONE international Drone Research & development ON Education Center partners include:

  • University of Wyoming

  • University of Hawai’i West Oahu

  • FPV Experience - Little Rock, AR

  • Museum of Discovery - Little Rock, AR