Wyoming Society of College Science Teachers – WYSCST

The Wyoming Society of College Science Teachers WYSCST is a community of college and university science faculty who are passionate about improving the quality of teaching and learning of post-secondary education science. Primarily focused on enhancing science courses in the first two-years students’ college learning experiences, WYSCST members and affiliates are devoted to improving STEM education overall—including the successful preparation of future K-12 teachers and future higher education faculty.

WYSCST hosts and enthusiastically supports a wide array of faculty and future faculty professional development experiences and resources. These include, but are not limited to:

*Kindly note that not all of the events and programs listed here are directly related to WYSCST, although these resources and events enjoy the support of WYSCST members.*

As a state-affiliate of the larger NSTA-affiliated Society of College Science Teachers, the state-level WYSCST supports the position and policy statements of the Society of College Science Teachers. These consensus position statements faculty often find useful and include:

WYSCST membership is open to all stakeholders interested in supporting and improving post-secondary science and science education. At this time, there are no membership dues, and membership is achieved by joining the WYSCST email distribution list. Joining the WYSCST is a two-step process. Step one is to send a blank email to wyscst-subscribe@yahoogroups.com . Step two is to watch for a ‘confirmation email’ which most often goes into one’s junk or spam email folder which needs a simple reply. Once you’ve successfully joined the mailing list, you are considered a full member of WYSCST.

An archive of earlier WYSCST posts is available online at: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/WYSCST/conversations/messages

If you need additional information, please contact the Society of College Science Teachers Association’s Wyoming state coordinator, Tim Slater, tslater@uwyo.edu at the University of Wyoming.

URL: http://www.caperteam.com/wyscst